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Bella nearly jumped out of her skin when she came
face to face with this little guy in the darkness.

3/6/05 Joseph:

I am feeling very satiated here with the exception of my tribe. There are long term people here, but more of the Euro vibe and not so resonant. The people that do resonate are usually only here for a week. And I thought Santa Cruz was transient! Just as well, I am meeting people from all ends of this diverse planet. Seems to be more Americans this year. I'm meeting some interesting characters for sure.

This is a time for me to rediscover myself, to find my self expression through remembering how to talk and let my spirit flow through that word of words. I am slowly blossoming into my role as a teacher of health. I am learning that I have a lot to learn. Now that I have been here for nearly 2 months, I have finally shed all the layers of stress and kayos of my Santa Cruz life. I am truly soaking in this relaxed pace life style, and loving being surrounded by the richness of all the green nature creatures.

We taught our first dance classes, as part of Daniella's Yoga Retreat. In the Authentic Movement class, we had an intimate group of 4 people. It was a bit awkward to teach, having not practiced it for years, but it was really special to see the connections and openings that occurred. I was in the flow more for the Dance Improv class, which was so much fun. I haven't experienced so much laughter in a while. Its about being a child again and playing and being silly. Hopefully we can facilitate it once a week while we are here. We are finding that we teach well together. We also taught Partner Yoga classes, which is my favorite type of yoga. Bella only ended up with 2 students for the retreat, so we made most of the classes open for drop-ins.

We're sharing living space with 2 large geckos and a mouse. We all have our regular routines and seem to get along fine as long as we don't leave any fruit out on the counter.

Daniella and I are finding balance with each other and living in love most of the time. But this place is serving me much more that her, so we may find our futures not as tightly woven as we thought. On the other hand, we have decided that we can't be apart for more than 3 weeks, so I am not sure what our summer will look like.

The sky darkens, the trees begin to dance and the air runs wild. The storm sets in... the jungle's thirst is quenched, and the sea reveals its true power. When the boats can't come and go, we feel how isolated we really are.




Stay tuned for more to follow...


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