Our Trip to Thailand

By Daniella (Bella)       





Hello dear ones;

WEll, I made it to the land of smiles....the flights

were long but i managed to meet some cool girls from

Canada and a guy from Santa Cruz(small world) along

the way....I didn't get out of the airport in Bangkok

until 1:30 in the morning totally delirious from lack

of adequate sleep and totally awake from the shear

anticipation of what's to come...

I took a taxi to my friend of a friend of a friend's

apartment,arrived at around 2:30 in the morning down a

quiet dimly lit side street and because it was so late

wasn't surprised to not find anyone there...

So...jumped back into another taxi and headed for ko

San Road...now this was some serious culture shock and

an overabundance of stimuli

Picture a long street filled with young thai men and

women, young western tourists like me, tuk-tuks(3

wheeled motorized taxis) running up and down, food

vedors everywhere selling some strange looking

food,music blaring, Bright lights, restaurants,street

perfomers..and me.....my turtle shell on my back,

lonely planet book in hand, eyes wide open but craving

to close for the night, desperatley looking for a

place to crash as it's somewhere around 4am now.

Finally found a room with it's own bathroom, shower

and a fan. SLept ok as the intial shock of where I was

in the world had completely washed over me.

Now it's around 9am in the morning on the 5th? And I'm

about to go hunt down some food-there are so many

little places everywhere its hard to know where to


Still feeling slightly overwhelmed and exhausted I

might try leaving Bangkok today and heading up to

Ayuthaya either by river boat or train.

THe weather is sunny and warm and slightly humid- if

feels good. Despite my little handy phrase book the

language barrier thing is definitely putting a twist

on things....

Looking forward to more adventures, yummy food, and

heading south!....and of course getting my first THai


Many Blessings and love to you all-you are all in my





Sawasdee ka!

Have you ever typed a really good e-mail and then just

when you are about to send it your computer messes up

and you loose it? I'm trying to breathe...

So, am I really motivated to do this AGAIN?

It will have to be the shortened version because it's

beautiful outside and I want to go play!

Feeling alot more acclamated and I feel myself opening

up more and more to my new surroundings as the moments


Spent all day in Bangkok yesturday touring the city by

riverboat, eating at wonderful Thai food places and

paying under a dollar each meal, window shopping,

traveling with two women from London whom I will meet

later in the south, and getting an hour Thai massage

for 3 dollars!

I bartered for a sarong with a THai woman as nothing

is priced and everything is bartered for. As I

approached her stand she said "Hello, whish one you

lie?" I smiled warmly and held up the one I was

interested in and she said "180baht, how much you pay,

tell me" and I said "100baht" and she said "Ok, 140

baht" I laughed and she laughed and in that moment I

felt we shared some humor on the reality of what we

both were trying to do. I got the sarong for 100baht.

I am getting plenty of time alone and just the right

amount of time traveling with other people. One thing

I find interesting is how I have not met any Thai

person who speaks fluent English. They either don't

speak it at all or if they do it is broken English. I

am trying to learn and speak as much Thai as I can.

It's so different-French doesn't help at all.

Took a train last night to Ayuthaya where i was seated

with a 40 something thai man who said he loved me and

wanted to be my tour guide(he was harmless)a 27year

old thai girl and a 39 year old thai woman who spoke

some English. She worked in a jewelry store and wanted

to know the English translations of every kind of

jewelry that existed so i ended up giving a little

English lesson and learned some Thai along the way.

She was very sweet and very motivated.

When I arrived in Ayuthaya I met a couple from

Amsterdam with whom I had dinner. Great people. Today

my first day here will tour the city on bicycle and

check out all the temples and ruins.

Tomorrow I will head back to Bangkok to catch an

overnight train to the South!

Dad-I feel your proud spirit as I travel alone

Joseph-please save these e-mails so i can read them

again someday-thanks love

Mom-no need to worry- I'm doing great!

Jena-wish you could see this

Kyer-how do I figure the time difference from here to

Cali? You had some quick way..

Isaac/jessica-I think of you two so much

To all-Much love...




2/9/03  Down South

Hello all you lovlies...

It was so great to hear from some of you....

Mom-thanks for your kind words-i'm honored to have

inspired you.

Ellise-thanks for your sweet wishes..i hope your dance

performance was spectacular! Well, of course it was!

Gina-Have a great time in India-wish I could come over

and play with you-joseph is coming on the 20th-cant



Well, I finally and  I mean FINALLY made it to the

south and am safely on the island of Koh Phagan. To

back trak alittle, Ayuttaya was so amazing. Sweet city

completely encircled by a river making it somewhat of

and referred to as an island. The locals were so kind

and friendly and honestly although I am enjoying

meeting other travelers from Europe(mostly) the true

highlights of my journeys are interacting and

connecting with the Thai people. I spent some more

time with a great couple from Amsterdam(i will miss

them) and took a solo bike tour around Ayuttaya

exploring the ancient temple ruins and wats. Took a

picture of a very famous buddha head encircled by a

banyon tree to the point where only his face was

showing-so beautiful and so magical.

Found a wonderful vegetarian Thai restaurant with

excellent food and such fun and friendly thai guys.

oh, by the way, I am loving the food-settling well and

I've been more or less good about food combining

well(joseph it's easy to do here)and you can avoid

mass intake of sugar despite the amount the Thais use

in their cooking. I had the most amazing fresh mango

smoothie for breakfast yesturday! Rocked my body


So headed back to Bangkok and met this German man

along the way who treated me to lunch. He was a nice

man and it was a nice gesture but after a while I had

to say goodbye because he was getting alittle too

clingy and I wanted my independance back.

So, long story short I missed my train down south and

had to stay another night in Bangkok which i wasn't

too happy about but made the best of it nonetheless.

Spent the next day shopping alittle and hanging out in

this huge beautiful temple mesmerized by the chanting

of the monks inside. Temples are such a good retreat

from the city when it starts to get to you-the sweet

smells of incense,the energy there brings you back

into your center in a heartbeat and you find yourself

breathing again.

The train ride was pretty fun- got a sleeping bunk

since it's a 12 hour trip and didn't want to waist a

day of traveling so took the night train. I met an

American guy with a Swedish girlfriend-interesting

couple, an Australian woman whom I'm now traveling

hanging out with from time to time, and another couple

from England. After a super long ride, woke up and got

rushed onto a bus which took me to the port of Surat

Thani about 35 minutes or so away, then got rushed

onto a boat that took me to Koh Phagan 4 hrs.

later...needless to say when I got there I was

exhausted and starving but it didn't end there...took

a tuk-tuk taxi to Had Rin where the Full moon Party is

and walked around sweating profusely and searching for

the bungalow at which I would live for the next couple

of weeks.

When I found it, it was so worth all the crazy

traveling....cute little hut up on a hill looking over

a beautiful view of the ocean right below me. This

island is so gorgeous-right up there with Hawaii.

It's owned by a really sweet THai woman and her son.

It's far enough away from downtown Had Rin to be

peaceful but close enough if I want to go and

socialize and be where the party's at...

With the exception of the folks I met on the train, my

experience with meeting other travelers especially

Australians has not been good. As soon as I open my

mouth and they discover that I am American I feel

their hatred of the United States projected onto me.

It is very disheartening...I can't say I am proud of

my country right now and I'm beginning to fear being

asked "where are you from" because it just stops

there. It's a very interesting time to be traveling as

an American. Had Rin is full of young people who are

here to rage-tonight is half moon party night and the

rest of the week every night will be building up to

the grand event. I will probably lay low until the

full moon-especially tonight since I just arrive today

and am so tired. I got myself my 3rd Thai massage so

far  on this trip today and It was the best so

far...tomorrow I will take a yoga class at a local gym

and check out the Sanctuary spa.

So making friends here has become difficult for me

which is kinda a new experience especially since I am

not considered worth talking to because of what

country I am from. I can understand their anger and

hatred it's just unfortunate that they can't see

through it.

So even though I have one Australian companion friend

here-we travel and live very differently so I'm not so

drawn to hang out with her too much. I'm preferring

solitude right now.

Joseph, I ran into Rasa(totally recognized her),

another girl who i can't remember her name, and

Ananda, one of the guys that had that discount import

store where you bought Jai's shirt. They'll be coming

soon and hope to run into them. I hung out with Ananda

my last night in Bangkok-it was fun.

Well, there's much more but i will stop here- my solo

time has been trying to interact with the locals as

much as I can. I enjoy them so much and have so much

to teach us.....

My love to you all....




2/3/03  KoPhangan Island

Hello all my dear ones;

My days on the island have been quite interesting. I

am currently coming out of an internal and very heavy

hearted space. It has been difficult to find friends

as this island is infested with more and more partiers

as the time grows closer to the Full Moon Party. It is

a big drinking vibe full of unconscious people who

beat their bodies to death every night and don't know

when to quit. And as many of you know, since I am not

the drinking type(except an occasional glass of wine

is just lovely...)this makes for a very solo

experience. I was feeling very lonely for a few days

and on the verge of tears for some time but now as I

am feeling more at home here I'm feeling more like


I have found a beautiful place to practice Hatha

Yoga-it's called Siam Healing Center. They offer

massage, tai chi, yoga, meditation and it's on the top

of a hill in a bamboo and straw hut with wooden floors

overlooking the ocean! That's what I get to stare into

while doing yoga! So amazing. My teacher is this small

but powerful Thai woman named Naa. She's very good and

her personality cracks me up. I've been doing two

solid hours a day and it feels great. The weather here

is HOT..you sweat all the time...actually it's like

being in a Bikram studio every minute. I'm getting

used to it and then there's my frizz ball hair....

The bungalow hut I sleep in is a 20minute walk from

the main town where all the bars, restaurants and

clubs are. The bungalows around me are full of men so

I'm getting more than enough my share of


and craving some female companionship.

I have yoga at 9am every morning so going out late

isn't really an option but that's ok because my soul

purpose on traveling alone before Joseph, Jessica and

Isaac come out has been to relax, do yoga and spend

some quality time with myself and the Thai people.

I've met a lot of Isralis,Canadians and English

people(no americans!) and in fact I've been talking to

so many English people that i've started to pick up on

their accent. It's funny to hear myself talk but I

kinda like it. I've met a sweet girl in my yoga class

who is here with her boyfriend and hopefully will be

having dinner with them tomorrow night or soon


The food, good god the food, is so damn good! I have a

fresh mango shake every morning with a fruit salad

mixed with yogurt and museli. This is my fav!

The curry dishes are amazing but I don't eat them

everyday since that' where the sugar is hiding....lots

of rice and noodle dishes makes my belly and my taste

buds sing with pleasure! The thais don't use

chopsticks to eat with. You see them here occasionally

but that's only due to the Chinese influence.

Everything is served with a fork and spoon. You use

the fork to push your food into the spoon and them put

the spoon in your mouth. To the Thai people, putting a

fork in your mouth is as ridiculous as it would be for

a westerner to eat with a knife. If you ask for

chopsticks they will look at you funny unless you have

ordered a noodle dish,then you'll probably get served

with them.

I met with my Naa today to talk to her boyfriend about

doing private lessons with him. He is a German man(I

think he's safe joseph)who has studied Hatha Yoga for

15 years and teaches on the island along with Chi gong

and meditation. I have my first session with him

tomorrow morning and at that point I will decide

whether or not to continue with him based on

techniques and whether or not I resonate with how he

teaches. He is asking for whatever I can afford which

is so kind of him.

The crickets here are soooooo LOUD they sound like

they should be about the size of my foot at least.

Well, there's lots more but i'll save it for next



Samantha and Debra-Thanks so much for your loving and

supportive words..they brought me to tears.

Jena-glad you are enjoying my e-mails so much.. i'll

keep em' coming!

Kyer-thanks for the pic of Joseph but i couldn't open

it for some unknown reason..i so appreciate the

gesture though. Big hug to you!

Phet-I miss you and can't wait to see you in Chiang

Mai! it will be like a dream!

Joseph-I miss you! i miss you! I miss you!

mom and Nana and Papa-i love you so much

To all-my love and many blessings


p.s-i just remembered something so funny-I met 3

friends of an Israli guy i've been friendly with and

one of their names is Yoni. For those of you who don't

know, that's a sanskrit word for vagina. I was trying

so hard not to burst out laughing....he he he.







Chiang Mai and Pai



Fri, 7 Mar 2003 08:33:22 -0800 (PST)

Hello dearest ones;

Well my Southern Thailand adventures finally came to a

close(for the moment he he he)and the four of us(me,

Joseph, Jessica and Isaac) made our way up north to

Chaing Mai.

Jessica and Isaac were busy taking care of their

import/export buisness stuff while J and I rented

bicycles one day and toured the "old city" surrounded

by a brick wall and a mote checking out all the

temples and food! I love seeing the monks everywhere.

They are so beautiful and humble and sweet. They wear

bright orange robes wrapped around their bodies so

they are very easy to notice. Every morning they walk

the streets carrying big metal bowls in hopes of

receiving food from local Thai families(which they

always do)and eat from that for the day. They

typically don't eat dinner. But there is just

something about seeing them that warms my heart and

makes me smile. They are so peaceful...

Another day Joseph and I rented a motorbike(we love

doing this!) and got out of the hub bub of Chiang Mai

and headed up the mountain to see a very well known

and most stunning temple called Wat Doi Suthep. The

ride was great. We passed a beautiful waterfall along

the way and could smell the sweetest smells in the

crisp fresh air as we rode up the mountain.

 There were 300 steps leading up to the Temple sitting

atop a peak overlooking all of Chiang Mai City below.

Along the sides of the steps were elaborately

decorated with two huge long dragon carvings with

maybe 6 or more smaller dragons coming out of the

larger dragons mouth. These dragons are called "naga"

and are the protectors of the Temple. The Temple

itself was amazing. Gold covered Chedis and colored

mirrors and Budda statues everywhere...lotus flowers

and incense for offerings. Big gongs and bells to

chime with and bright and I mean bright fuscia colored

flower trees and sweet smells of jasmine in the air.

We took loads of pictures which we will be happy to

share with you soon!

We finally met up with Phet, our beloved Thai goddess,

and had dinner at a local and very good Indian

restaurant and toured the Night Bazaar. I've done more

shopping here than I've done all together in the past

year! Ok, maybe not but it sure feels like it.

This morning we got up early and jumped on a rickety

old bus with tons of people crammed onto it and headed

out and up to the small but very quaint and intimate

town of Pai. We met up with other Santa Cruz tribe

here-Brent,Samantha and Allen from the Lincoln Street

house and had dinner together tonight and desert at a

local Jazz cafe that had the most decadent homemade

deserts and live guitar music by a local Thai man who

had a very unique style.

That reminds me...what impresses and inspires me so

much about the Thais is because they don't have crazy

jobs and things to rush off to all the time like we do

in the West, they take a lot more time to put their

energy into their art and it shows....mind blowing

paintings and wood carvings you wouldn't believe and

jewlery carvings, batiks, clothing, lights the list

goes on and on....such unique creativity. And

smiles...so many smiles. "The Land of Smiles" is very

aptly named.

Tomorrow I will be doing yoga in the morning with

Brent and getting Thai massage and breakfast and

shopping some and touring around on motorbike, eating

some more, exploring hot springs.....geez man. What a


I'm bringing back lots of stuff to sell to anyone who

is interested...Thai pants, sarongs, cowry shell

belts,anklets, bracelets, hand bags,

purses,jewlery...any requests? let me know!

Joseph and I will be looking for a sweet bungalow home

tomorrow as well.....We are seriously looking into

creating a healing center  here and living here for at

least half the year and Santa Cruz the other half.

It's looking very possible and I'm so excited!

I will try to return to Thailand in November but it

depends on where I will be doing my Yoga Teacher

Training-either here or there...to be seen....very

exciting! I love being alive!

Much love to you all and big Thai smiles and lots of

Bella love!


June-so glad you got my e-mail! i've been sending them

to you but they kept getting returned-maybe you needed

to empty your mailbox or something? Thanks for your

light girl-I totally felt you! Wow, lots of changes

for you but you sound great! Keep me posted on the

Howie tip. Hope your health is on the upswing.

Patience dear one-YOU WILL HEAL.Much love to you babe.

Tamar-Please forward this to all our goddesses in our

womans group. I didn't have time to put their e-mails

in my address book before I left and want them to know

I think of them so much during the peak phases of the

moon and send them lots of love.....maybe if you have

their addresses you could give them to me? love you..





Tears of unrest and appreciation...



Wed, 26 Mar 2003 18:04:15 -0800 (PST)

Tides of doubt, uncertainty, happiness, joy, unrest,

gratefullness, and sorrow ripping through my being as

I travel and experience these times of now and then

and there all wrapped so tightly into ONE...stopping

to Re-MInd mySELF that I am alive that I am blessed

that I have the POWER TO CHANGE my reality at any

given moment....moments so precious...LIFE so full...

full of polarity's intensity and God's given grace...

I pray for this planet....

I pray for all my brothers and sisters of this


May we all find love and peace in our hearts....and

live from that place always with the greatest of








More days of Thai inspiration...



Thu, 20 Mar 2003 13:50:18 -0800 (PST)

Dear friends and family,

Where do I begin?.....let's see...where did I leave

off from the last e-mail...Pai...yes..yes...

Joseph and I found a sweet place to lay our travel

worn bodies in Pai with a back deck overlooking

rolling hills and a beautiful river where we could

watch sunrises and an occasional Thai man drifting by

on his hand-built bamboo raft. It also had a somewhat

soft bed! yeh!..these are very hard to come by in


We spent some more time shopping in Pai, eating at

amazing little restaurants spending evenings with

Samantha, Allen and Brent at a cozy little jazz cafe

where a local Thai man played guitar and served up the

most decadent desert I have ever eaten! Banoffe pie!

Thanks Brent for introducing me to such divine


One day, the five of us went out on an adventure about

an hour out of town by motorbike up to the countryside

to where the hill tribes are and amazing mind blowing

caves. The drive there was definitely a highlight.

Beautiful countryside and farmland wizzing by, my arms

wrapped around my love, the sweet smells of flower

tainted air, the wind combing through my locks of

hair,and an immense sense of freedom in my heart.

We finally made it to the Cave Lodge where alot of

treks are arranged and where we had lunch and then

headed out to Cave Lod.

There were three different caves to explore one of

which we had to take a bamboo raft through....so


The caves themselves were huge, full of a silence that

told so much history it was overwhelming. The

stalagtites that hung from the ceiling and sometimes

all the way down to the cave floor to make union with

a stalagmite where beautiful...sometimes white as if

it was covered in glue, sometimes glittery as if

someone just dumped their entire burning man supply on

them...sometimes just downright alien looking.

We had 3 guides total. The first one was a Thai woman

who only really knew a few words in English and her

young son. She showed  us all the stalagtite

sculptures that resembled monkeys, dolphins,

elephants...you name it. She was really sweet.

The next part of our exploration was led by a Thai man

who didnt' speak any English and instead made a lot of

animal like noises as he led us around. He was quite

amuzing and got all of us in on his way of


We were finally led back to the cave lodge by the

young son who mind you was so adorable....the children

here are the cutest little beings you have ever seen.

I enjoyed them so much.

Headed back to Pai on our motorbikes to end our very

full and eventful day.....oh did I mention the drive?

Cant emphasize that enough!

Now back in Pai to eat some more shop some more and

wait for the arrival of Jessica and Isaac as they

stayed behind in chaing Mai to finish up more bizness


More adventures await! Hill tribes experience to come!

much love to all and a heart felt prayer for peace on

our beloved planet...







Hill Tribe Adventures...



Tue, 1 Apr 2003 12:22:40 -0800 (PST)

Greetings beautiful ones...

quick note:we are actually back from Thailand. We got

back on the 18th...sorry for the confusion but I did

not get a chance to finish logging my journeys as I

was having too much of a fabulous time! So I am

recapping them all now from home so as not to forget

them and still sharing my experiences with all of you.

Hope you enjoy...


So last day in Pai- Joseph and I took a day long Thai

cooking course which totally rocked both our worlds.

We were taken to an open air market to start where we

learned how to identify all the different ingredients

and vegetables with which were typically used in Thai

Cuisine. Then back to the outdoor kitchen with Tom our

fiesty Thai leader where we learned how to make our

own curry paste(red,green, masaman, tumeric), tom yam

soup, coconut soup, and curries and stir frys. Then we

got to eat it all! We invited Jessica and Isaac to

come share in our creations and had a feast. The next

night we went back to practice what we had learned and

eat again! It was scrumptious!

The next day we head out on motorbike back out to the

caves and the hilltribes where Jessica and Isaac had

decided to go a day before us.

We motorbiked along that same spectacular beautiful

drive once again-(could do it a million times and it

would still amaze me like it was the first time.)The

four of us stayed at the Cave Lodge the first night

then headed out on our own trek through the

jungle,crossing the river at least(or it seemed) 25

times and yes! those cool river currents felt so good

on my feet as the day was very hot. We headed into a

Karen hill tribe village and on the way in came across

a small parade of elephants coming around the corner.

My mouth dropped open to see such amazing and huge

creatures slowly yet very steadily heading towards me

with thai men sitting comfortably on their heads. The

four of us where in awe and decided to go for a ride

with the condition that we could ride on them without

a seat/chair thingy they usually strap on to the

elephants back. We kinda got both. Both Jessica and

Isaac were on one and J and I on another. Jessica and

I sitting on the neck of the elephant right in front

of a huge pair of ears that flapped back hitting me in

the thighs every 30 or so seconds while Joseph and

Isaac started out on the chair harnesses. Feeling the

movement of this huge beast walking under me was such

a cool feeling and most interesting was how J's and my

elephant had insisted on throwing it's snot on us from

time to time as we rode. Very amusing at first and

alittle wet by the end....he he. Overall, it left me

with mixed feelings as the elephants had huge chains

around their necks and we definitely not free to roam

as they should do....but I am still grateful to have

had that experience nonetheless...

The village children came out to watch and their

curiosity and cute little faces made me smile.

After the ride we went over to where the village

people sell their weavings as this is what the Karen

tribe specializes in. All the women came out talking

all at once in Thai pointing to all their creations

hoping we would buy...and of course I did. I felt good

about supporting them and everything is hand made and

beautifully done. I saw a very old woman sitting on

the ground in process of weaving something of her own.

When she stood up she walked still very much bent over

in very much the same position that she was sitting

down and I thought that maybe this weaving was

something she has done all her life for hours of every

day to have posture like that.

Being in these villages was a very eye opening

experience for me. Living such simple lives in such

poverty yet so friendly and happy and giving. Lots to

be said there without any words at all...


The next day ,we drove out to Ban Nam Rim where we

stayed at a place where Jessica and Isaac had stayed

last year when they were here. It is called the Lisu

Lodge as it is right next door to a Lisu village and

run by a Lisu woman named Ami and a German man named

Rudi. They were very generous and sweet people. Got

ourselves a little thatched roofed bungalow for sleep,

ate breakfast and decided to spend the day hiking

around the jungle with jessica while Joseph and Isaac

went on their own adventures through more magnificent


Jessica and I had a very interesting hike to say the

least....(jessica, I know your laughing right

now.)Long story short....we hiked out with one of

Rudi's dogs heading out to a Karen village, ended up

there with another scardy-cat pup, walking around the

village going door to door checking out the hand woven

blankets, bags and sarongs the village people had

made. Beautiful color fabrics, sweet smiling people,

lots of sign language and giggles...this is where i

really wanted my travels to take me...into the heart

of the hill tribe people....and little did I know,

this was only the beginning.

That night when the four of us reconvened for dinner

we were graciously treated by ami and Rudi with a

tradiional Lisu dinner and then around 8pm or so

headed out to the Lisu village school yard to do a

fire performance for the village people. Rudi had told

all the village the day before that we were performing

so as we walked down to the school yard with all our

gear...I turned around to look behind me and saw the

whole village coming out of their homes and following

right behind us. In that moment I felt such an

overwhelming feeling of excitement, honor, disbelief,

and gratefulness....

There must have been at least a hundred people circle

around us to watch including all the children. We

danced...not to music that we are used to but the

music of the murmuring of the village language(which

wasn't Thai either)and the occasionsal English

comments of "beautiful" and "thank-you". What a

pleasure to have the opportunity to share our light

with these wonderful Lisu village people. They were so

present and held such wonderful space for us.

After our performance we were invited to partake in

the tail end of their week long celebration of their

new year. We were taken to an old barn like building

where there were older men sitting in circle and

singing songs that were taught or passed down from the

eldest man. They sang about their daily lives..what

they do from day to day. Of course we did not

understand exactly what they were saying but just

hearing the sounds of this melody and their voices was

so beautiful. We sat with a villager who spoke some

English so he filled us in as to what was going on.

He shared his light with us, his food(freshly cooked

pork that we had just seen chopped up whole minutes

before), cigarettes of really strong tabacco and

homemade whisky....it was such a pleasure to partake

in their ritual. I couldn't believe I was there in

certain moments but mostly so grateful for this was

the kind of experience I was longing to have....to get

deep down in the backcountry culture of this country

and we surely did....

Many thanks to you Jessica and Isaac for opening and

sharing this wonderful experience together...


Much love to you all and see you soon!

Love and light,