One of the 3 trains (above) on the 24 hour journey from from Puna to Udaipur. (We did have bunk beds on one of the trains.) When we arrived it was cooler and more mellow than the big cities that we came from.


Udaipur has a taste of Europe and maybe even Greece.
Its on a man made lake with several fantastic Palaces to explore..


Daniella - January

Now in the state of Rajastan, part of northern India…. Udaipur is the India I had dreamed of for so long….. the most beautiful, romantic, “out of Aladdin” place I have ever seen. We are staying in the Old City with small windy streets lined with lots of local people and children always looking…and greeting you with a Namaste….. a feeling of enchantment……it feels smaller here more intimate….something so precious the energy of this place the way of life of the people….
The well-known Jagdish Temple is at the top of a hill, at the busiest part of the street of vendors selling everything from incense to jewelry to miniature paintings to antique wall hangings and clothing. It is often that we hear music or chanting bellowing out from this Jagdish temple…most times hearing it in the morning or during dinner up on one of the many rooftop restaurants giving a breathtaking views of the City Palace, the lake, the Lake Palace, and the unforgettable Monsoon Palace sitting atop a mountain in the distance.
Despite all the enchantment of this place….it is still not devoid of constant noise, beggars crowded streets….mayhem. So as we are spending more than a week here, we have chosen to take one day off from India…stay in our room and rest….in peace…..only going out to eat and then right back…rejuvenate…then tomorrow be able to take it all on with some strength….some semblance of recharging the batteries…this we have found is crucial to every so often to stay sane as one travels throughout India.

But regardless of all this Udaipur has been one of our favorites....tapping into the mysticism of India...the enchantment....the magic.


We really love all the romantic roof top cafe's. Every night an epic feast of the best food in India we've had yet!

Can't imagine it getting any better than this.





There are any number of ways to try to get money from the western travelers, inviting you to take their photo and than asking for money in return was his plan. I have never seen anyone so desperate to have their photo taken than this guy.



a day of exploring the city palace

While walking through the palace walls, feeling a bit of familiar energy as if I've been here before. At the same time feeling the energy and curiosity of what went on inside these walls so many years before.....



a view of the lake palace.




These palace security guys were honored to have their photo taken,
which makes photography more enjoyable.


This town is famous for its miniature paintings.
This one is about 6 inches tall and very detailed.





Laundry and bathing at the rivers edge is the way of life.

The strong and beautiful Rajastani women

Have you ever seen the disney movie Aladdin?
"Welcome to Acrabah, city of mystery, enchantment
and the best merchandise this side of the river Jordan, come on down"
This looks just like that scene.


This place is a zoo. Cows, goats, donkeys, dogs, pigs and elephants in the streets.


Traditional Rajastani dance performance:





and of course the children:










Contemplative sunset dinner....




When night falls....ahh the magic begins.....




Getting dressed up in Rajastani clothing by the local shop vendors......


Getting my measurements taken for my second sari....




A motorcycle journey up to the Monsoon palace...




~ contemplation ~


You can see the Monsoon palace on the top of the mountain:


Monkey see...monkey do whatever the heck he wants.....It's nice to see monkeys running free
instead of in the local zoo.....



in the moment.....



Next to Pushcar...


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