The photo above is from Pushkar also.


We were happy to discover that the day we arrived there happened to be a Prem Joshua concert. It felt so good to dance and play. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip. If you haven't checked out his music, I recommend doing so. Dance of Shakti, Mudra, Shiva Moon and Sky Kisses Earth are his best albums.








An afternoon camel safari.... amazing creatures, like something out of star wars.











Beautiful Rajastani Dancer


Maharaja Joseph


Pushkar is a very holy city, surrounding the lake. No alcohol, drugs, meat, or even eggs are allowed here.



This girl approached me on the street asking for chapatti flour to help feed herself and 10 siblings. I was happy to help out, and began to make friends with her and her family, who are of a specific cast who's duty and destiny is to be musicians.

They invited me to their "home", which was no more than a blanket on some bent bamboo poles, in the dessert.




Its always amazing to me how happy people can be with nothing.





I bought them a big new tarp to replace their small balance roof, so now they can be warm at night and dry.



We really loved India! And didn't get sick, which we were told was impossible.
We found most peoples stories of their perceptions of India to be very different than our own.
We will go back some day to experience the more northern Himalayan region.

Off to New Delhi for a few days then we fly to Bangkok to spend a few days getting our
Indonesia visa, then to Bali...

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