Palolem Beach - Southern Goa

12/24/2005 – Joseph
Well the scene sure has changed for us. We are on the idyllic beaches of southern Goa. Basking in the sun and candle light dinners on the beach, not a bad way to spend Christmas. It hardly seems like India. So much white skin and exposed skin at that.

I am so happy with how amazing our relationship continues to be. It’s rich with love and playfulness. We are having such fun exploring this beautiful country together.

Our first hut - Bhakti Katir


at my beach office


Another place we stayed


Christmas eve






Christmas day:

Holy Cow



I can flip my camera so the kids can see themself in it...





they are so beautiful


this is the life.


these guys were alot happier than they look,
they wanted 25 cents for the photo
but then couldn't agree on how to share it.


now to Puna...


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