At the airport in SF


12/13/2005 – Joseph:

Good morning Thailand, we have arrived after the smoothest trip yet. The 11 hours in the flying sardine can with an intense headache was a bit tortuous, but the 3 hours in Tokyo and 6 and a half hour flight to Bangkok was a sleepy blur.


A fellow traveler whom I met last year at the sanctuary, Shawn told us about the Shanti Lodge from where I am writing in this moment after a wonderful nights rest with yet another lesson in love. With the yoga queen worshiping the sun beside me, and the bustle of the street below I feel at peace. The journey has just begun.


The famous Koa San Road - Bangkok


notice the person sleeping


this view of Bangkok looks rather modern


In Bangkok we just rested and shopped a bit, we have been here so many times it seems, its not as exciting, but Shawn helped us discover some new things. Those rare exotic things like tempe and organic health foods.

I discovered that I can’t leave Bella alone for one minute before some guy is trying to make his move.

We found a flight, not as economical as we hoped, but we are off to Madras, India...


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