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A great part of the way in which we perceive this reality is via our eyes. We can perceive up to 16 million color variations, movement and balance. Each one of us has a different sense of what is appealing and beautiful.

I create web sites, flyers, album covers, business cards and graphic art. This site is to show you a taste of my particular sense and style in the dance of color and light.

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Thailand 2004

Thailand, Cambodia 2005

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My Bio...

My full name is Joseph Anthony Mikrut III. I am a Photo-Graphic Artist, Web Design Facilitator, 3D Digital World Builder, former Massage Practitioner, Fire Dance Performer, Student of Nutrition and world traveler.

What I consider a Photo-Graphic Artist is one who creates an alchemy of illusion using many graphic elements, most of which are photos. This is done to create a beautiful and sometimes surreal expression of a person, place, service, product or idea. This creation comes to fruition in print: business cards, flyers, promotional ads, and web sites. I have been a Photo-Graphic Artist since 1992

A web design facilitator is one who co-creates, with the client, a site to see along the information super highway, a page in the digital book of the world, a virtual location to show or convey your message. The moment I publish something to a server, that information is immediately accessible throughout a web of nodes to anyone in the world with a connection point (a computer with an internet connection).. The magnitude the internet is unfathomable. I have been a web design facilitator since 2003.

A 3D digital world builder is one who uses a computer to construct an accurate 3 dimensional representation of a product, design or place. It’s a tool to extend the imagination. It’s best used in the design development process. (i.e. architecture, engineering and product design). It can also be used to create virtual worlds that are imaginary or based on real places. It's a powerful design tool. I have been a 3D world builder since 1994.

I am skilled in the art of Shiatsu Massage. A Japanese revitalizing and relaxing technique, which rebalances and invigorates the energy flow through the body. I was offering sessions from 2002 to 2004.

I was first inspired by fire dancing in Australia and had no idea that later I would develop the skill. When I met my partner Daniella, she inspired me to join her in this art form. Together we now perform as LuminEssence. I have been practicing off and on since 2002. Its my favorite way to meditate. For photos and more info, check out another one of my site creations:

I am currently an ongoing student of nutrition. I studied at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, and continue to study independently. I am focusing on Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, mind/mood chemistry and cleansing. Soon I will build a wellness cleansing center. I strongly believe that with the right awareness we can take full responsibility for our own health and prevent dis-ease.

My extended travels in America, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Australia have had a major impact on my life. The vast diversity of this planet never ceases to amaze me...

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